-The LLR Corporate program teaches people in the course the art and science of leadership and equips them with tools they can use right away to increase their contribution to the organization.

- The secret sauce of the LLR Corporate program is learning small pieces of truth applied consistently over time.  We have found that when you apply the right information over time you can not only produce lasting change, but you can also increase influence.  

-The LLR Corporate course materials include 4 audios and a book conveniently packaged together and purchased via a monthly subscription.  The book and audio sets are set up in particular courses containing six monthly lessons per course.

-There are options for a facilitated, hands-on monthly seminar that is engaging and brings the staff together for high-energy discussions on the leadership and life skills ideas presented in the reading and listening materials.  

-Content contributors are experts in providing leadership development education.  Their commitment to excellence has rewarded them with industry awards, best-selling books, and national recognition across multiple professional leadership platforms.

-Examples of the audios recorded by these experts for the initial course include:  Change Management, Workplace Adaptability, Overcoming Obstacles, and Workplace Integrity.

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