Mike is the owner of Mike Rowles & Associates.  He is a member of LIFE Leadership and his company represents their products and services. These focus on Leadership Development, Personal Development, and Financial Fitness. One of Mike’s specialties is his Leadership Development Seminar Program.  This program utilizes LIFE’s Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR) Corporate Education resources.

Mike designed and implemented the Seminar Program in June 2012 while living in Southern California.  The program is ongoing and has produced impressive results.  He is excited to introduce the Leadership Development Seminar Program to companies and individuals here in the Treasure Valley area.

The Leadership Development Seminar Program provides monthly, highly interactive discussion sessions covering a wide range of leadership principles.  The sessions are short, right to the point, and tailored specifically for each client business, organization or mastermind group.

Mike is glad to be returning to his home state.  He was raised in McCall and graduated from the University of Idaho.  He was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force and concluded his career as a Lieutenant Colonel with over 23 years of service.  His last assignment was at March AFB located near Riverside, CA.  During his career, Mike served as the commanding officer for Air Force communications units in Spain, New York, and California.  These were great experiences, with some hard lessons, in learning how to set the example for the members in his units, create a focus on mission accomplishment, and build trust with his troops.  He has carried the leadership principles that he gained forward into his leadership development seminars.  This includes the capability for thinking big picture and fostering the importance of producing a results-oriented organization. 

Mike continues to pursue a leadership development mindset.  This involves an extensive program of reading, listening, and associating with renowned leaders.  He attributes the success of his leadership development seminars to the thinking acquired from his commitment to personal growth. 

Mike has been in the business community since retiring from the Air Force.  His entrepreneur roots run deep.  His father and grandfather owned and operated the independent telephone company in McCall.  He grew up seeing servant leadership in action.  Mike helped found a number of small businesses that have since closed.  About five years ago he was introduced to leadership opportunities with the LLR Corporate Education program.  This awakened his entrepreneur vision and he started his initial offering of the leadership development seminars.  One of Mike’s passions is learning and sharing the principles of servant leadership.  Mike is excited to extend LLR Corporate Education programs to businesses, organizations, and mastermind groups in the local area. As a business owner, he is looking forward to being a supportive member of the Meridian community.

Mike is an active member of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce, and the Idaho Business League.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Idaho and Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management from the State University of New York Binghamton.

Mike and his wife Sandy arrived in November 2016 and have their residence in Meridian.

Mike gives thanks to the Lord Jesus for the opportunities to serve others through the LLR Leadership Development Program.  Col 3:23

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