"Training is Temporary - Development is Permanent!"

We are excited to expand leadership development services to Treasure Valley organizations.  Leadership ability matters!  The LLR Corporate Education program is implemented via a seamless integration into your workday.  Results are a staff that exhibits:

Higher levels of:

  •   Professionalism
  •   Employee Engagement
  •   Problem Solving


  •   Attitudes
  •   Communication
  •   Public Speaking


  •   Client Relations
  •   Thought Organization
  •   Goals Achievement

Client Reference

We designed and established a leadership development program for EagleLIFT Corporation.  This is a California company that provides foundation repair & lifting, foundation underpinning, and trenchless sewer repair for public works, commercial, and residential customers located in California, Nevada, and Arizona.


-Mike is the owner of Mike Rowles & Associates.  He is a member of LIFE Leadership and his company represents their products and services.  These focus on Professional Development, Personal Development, and Financial Fitness.

-One of Mike’s specialties is his Leadership Development Seminar Program.  This program utilizes LIFE’s Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR) Corporate Education resources. He is excited to introduce the Leadership Development Seminar Program to companies in the Treasure Valley.

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