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I am so proud of my husband Tommie! He has gone through the Financial Fitness principles and has been able to eliminate our consumer debt of over $48K! We were able to pay off two of our creditors 26 months in advance- totaling around $13,210. The principles we have learned in the Financial Fitness Program absolutely work! I would suggest everyone dig in and get rolling.

-Cassandra Mathis

Currently, I have paid off 120k in consumer debt and a rental property because of the principals I have learned in the Financial Fitness Program. Outside of that, I only have the mortgage left and a student loan that I am working very hard to pay off. This works! The whole world needs to have this program.

-Tapiwa Nyamhondoro

Since May of 2016, by applying the principles of Financial Fitness Program, I was able to pay off my truck a year and 10 months early and I am now debt-free! Fired up!

-Joseph Adam Galassi

Q & A with Mike Rowles

Q. What do you do?

A:  You know how some people lose sleep over financial worries?  It might be debt.  It might be not enough savings, etc.  Either way, it’s crippling them.  Well, I help them use a system that will remove their concerns and let them sleep soundly.

A:  That’s the cool part!  We help them by using a system that can be implemented in little steps over time.  It’s not magic, but the program is proven to work with people from all walks of life…and all kinds of financial pressures.  Instead of worries, they can dream again.

A:  The reason why I love to share the program is because it gives people hope again.  It gives them a way to get a handle on their finances, reduce debt, engage in entrepreneurship, and go forward to living the life they want to live.  It does take commitment.  We don’t promise easy, but we promise worth it!

A:  I am the owner of Mike Rowles & Associates.  I am a member of LIFE Leadership and my company represents their products and services.  These include a program on Financial Fitness, Leadership Development, and Personal Development.   Financial Fitness is the key focus.

A:  I am glad to be returning to my home state.  I was raised in McCall.  Upon graduation from the University of Idaho, I was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force.  I concluded my career as a Lt Colonel with over 23 years of service.  My last assignment was at March AFB located near Riverside, CA.  I have been in the business community since retiring from the Air Force.  I started my business with LIFE Leadership in 2011.  My wife Sandy and I moved to Idaho in November 2016 and have our residence in Meridian. As a business owner, I am looking forward to being a supportive member of the Treasure Valley community. I thank the Lord Jesus for the opportunities to serve others through the Financial Fitness Program.  Col 3:23

"Hi.  If you are interested in more information please contact me.  I will be glad to send you links to more videos that give an overview of the Financial Fitness Program." -Mike Rowles

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