All these values, for only $30/month

Instant Cash Back

Earn instant cash back on purchases from nearly 300 name brand stores.

Earn Digital Currency

Earn Dibs, a digital currency that can be used to purchase crypto currency and Life products.

Easily Purchase Coupons

A wide range of coupons, like Groupon, make additional savings easy and convenient.

Deep Discounts Online

Purchase at deep discounts a variety of online sites, with more added every month.

Great Deals on Travel

Earn trip credits with Thing or Two travel, which can be used for hotel and cruise purchases, and get 30 trip credits ($30 value) every month.

Financial and Personal Growth Library

Access the Financial Fitness program and a large collection of personal growth audios at no additional cost.

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About Mike

Mike is the owner of Mike Rowles & Associates. He is a member of and his company represents LIFE Leadership products and services. These include the Life Super App, a program on Financial Fitness, Leadership Development, and Personal Development.

Q&A with Mike Rowles

I market and sell subscriptions to the Life Super App. This is a shopper savings app that gives you instant cash back, crypto currency access, travel credits, and a host of other value added options. The Super App is the latest in app technologies. It is the leader in providing multiple services from a single app.

It’s simple and fun. Open the App, select the merchant, market place, or travel item of choice, key in the amount of the purchase, put in a payment option, and submit. The App will produce a gift card number that the cashier can scan or key in. That completes the purchase and you will receive your receipt. Your cash back savings will be instantly posted to your cash available account. Purchases from the market place or travel services will receive deep discounted savings rather than cash back.

The monthly subscription is $30.  You receive $30 worth of trip credits per month.  We have a money back guarantee for the initial month.  It’s a no risk, win-win deal.

Stores love the app.  Because purchase are made via gift cards, they avoid credit card fees and charge back (fraud) fees.  They also get value because the app gives them loyal customers.

Yes.  We are expanding the marketing team here in the Treasure Valley.  This is a superb opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded people that would like to earn extra income.  This is designed as a part-time business that you operate from your home.  As business owners we serve our customers and Life members.  Our goal is to Have Fun, Make Money, and most importantly Make a Difference in other people’s lives.

The app platform was designed and produced by Life Leadership.  It provides the latest technology in app services.  The app matches merchants and shoppers similar to Uber and Airbnb.

Life Leadership, Inc. is an international direct sales company with headquarters in Carey, NC.  It was founded November 1, 2011.  The primary founders are Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.  Both individuals are recognized by Inc.Magazine as being in the top 50 business leaders in the world.  Both are also best-selling authors.

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